1. AndinaGama

    The Simp

    INTRO A Simp is a man that puts himself in a submissive or subservient position under a woman in the hopes that by doing so he may curry sexual favour with said woman. The Simp is highly despised among men. he is looked down upon by the Fuck Boys, the Blessers, the Gentleman and the Leadership...
  2. Lordgoro

    YET another IDIOT simp boyfriend with cheating girlfriend..

    Women cheat cause they can get AWAY with it!! And simps allow this .. Fcking disgusting
  3. NuclearRedfield

    Weird fantasies are a sign of your mind breaking down due to inceldom?

    I am starting to believe that weird porn fetishes and fantasies are a sign of your mind basically breaking down. A normal healthy male that has access to a lot of women or that got married at a young age to one woman. Wouldnt develop such fantasies. Like for instance. The cuckold kink that is...
  4. Letmego

    Simps on Instagram

    Yes i think this is originally from Facebook lol
  5. supercell

    why women are submissive

    (warning brutal truthpill ahead) women are naturally illogical and highly emotional there wild and feel the need to be controlled there also naturally insecure which makes them put down and bully men like us they use this as an ego boost. with all these hormones and anxiety its much easier for...
  6. S


    So essentially there isn’t much to this but I recently have been red pilled by some of my friends and the issues I’ve gone through in my life Let me tell you, my real name is kelvin and I’m 16 I had dated this girl for 2 years and let’s just say I’m not the biggest chad cus Im not a chad at all...
  7. supercell

    men dont get the credit we deserve

    most men are constantly trying to make the world a better place for women at every turn, if your a woman that doesnt have a place to stay? luckily for you there are numerous homeless shelters that will take only you, or you could just find a guy with his own place and leech off him! are you a...
  8. pussyless101

    the simping culture.

    tell me about a time that u tried to pull a simp move in attempt to pick up a female. do u deem simping as a legitimate lifestyle? what do you think about chad simps? please share ur views on this