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    9/11 ER

    @AccountError @Apathycel I found this rare footage.
  2. Oogabooga

    Guys, can you help me find some good cuckold Pοrn? I know these guys have all the best ѕhit, but they're greedy and unwilling to share. Any based pirate cels wanna make a torrent of that ѕhit? Also, have you guys played the recent Nintendo masterpiece? I spent quite a bit of time having fun on it while my...
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    @GameDevCel, there is a tiger form of you in wildlife Nіgga. It's over for travelingcels in hope of getting some. Never began for you. Even if blue pill sections (BS) is reopened, you are still not getting any buddy boyo. Embrace the holy black pill and let it free you...
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    Message to @JustAWittyCel

    I have a message for you ....
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    Message to @Swo2016

    @Swo2016 Fish Fish Fish Fish TAKE THE FISH PILL ! @Oogabooga I heard you don't like fishin'?
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    Message to @Apathycel

    A L L A H U A K B A R !
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    Message to @Sasaki

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    I'm what y'all call a """journalist"""

    . . . . Also the history of the fаg who posted that here "researching about inkels" so far. :soycuck::soycuck: "Gotta protect M'toilet from my ebil inkels":soycuck::soycuck: