1. Y

    Got a girlfriend

    Right cucks, I got myself a gf; this is how I did it Last night (Saturday) I was out drinking with a buddy and marched up to the nearest foid because I’m fuckin sick of being single and slammed a drink down in front of her and ordered her to drink it, she necked it in seconds and asked me “who...
  2. T

    No one cares for men who are sexually inept or don’t know how to attract women

    I understand that the world doesn’t care for men in general but I’m talking about something specific. Any one notices no one cares for men who are clueless about sex or don’t know how to attract women? The advice given to men about women and sex by the average guy is useless or it only works for...
  3. J

    Thoughts on cunnilingus

    What do y'all think about it, if the impossible does happen, would you go want to down on her, or nah
  4. R

    If you had a cock carousel riding sl*t that had been with 100+ men and you could smash against her will, how would you seek revenge?

    I'm curious to know what some of the most blackpilled of us would be capable of doing. I'm a small, beta-man, ex blue-pilled sub 5 that basically has cucked mentality engraved in his brain, so even with a despicable woman as such, I sadly think I would be shy, submissive and treat her nicely. It...
  5. E

    Sponsoring girls

    I made this account just to ask if spending money on girls is considered as an incel thing? Like, i dont want anything from her, it just pains me when she can’t get the things she wants
  6. Lordgoro

    Foids Admitting sex is too easy, them COMPLAINING the virus has made is slightly HARDER!!!

  7. W

    Help roastie wants to fuck me

    have you ever been in the situation where a roastie wants to fuck you after you telling her you're an incel? Before that I was nonexistent to her whatsoever, but now she expresses interest and I am sure that is out of pity, ugh. I am scared to let her fuck me. What would that mean for me...
  8. WillJF


    I hate sex. I've noticed that I've been daily presented with unsolicited romantic sexual content, and such content might be making me more sexual than usual. So I'm exercising antisexuality to counter it. Antisexuality honestly feels like No Fap! I hate sex so much that I just lose interest in...
  9. P

    Incel Interview Opportunity (Compensation may be available)

    This post is for anyone who self-identifies as an "incel" or any of its variations. We are Pulp, a soon-to-be launched documentary, news, and entertainment channel. We are doing one of our first projects on the online involuntarily celibate culture, and we are looking for individuals to answer a...
  10. Any1CanHaveLove

    What do incels actually think of “foids”?

    I guess I should disclaim that I’m not trying to start a fight or troll men. I genuinely am interested in hearing how you men view the people of the female sex. Again, I’m not trying to troll but it seems that incels misunderstand/hаte women, and I just want to hear opinions.
  11. V


    I’d rather fuck an incel because then I wouldn’t have to worry about STDS?? Idk why other women don’t think about that. Also, they watch a lot of Pοrn which means they probably know what they’re doing...
  12. Hentaiking240

    We’ve digressed...

    There used o be no such thing as incels because it was understood men needed sex. All. men. Women knew their duties to serve their purpose. It used to be known that no matter what you as a wife were to fill your husbands sexual needs. Because that’s what they are. NEEDS!! Not wants or desires...
  13. Jorami


    I was getting my ass kicked in this game, and It ENRAGED me. Usually, Im pretty good at it, but today was not one of those days. I was getting obliterated and I was getting more pissed and furious by the second. I growled and shouted at the computer screen in pure anger, I was so mad I started...