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    [Serious] Is IT (r/IncelTear) a nazі sub?

    I've noticed that all of the posters on IT are straight white males (even the "as a female" posters on there coincidentally happen to have penises) who spend their time hating marginalized & troubled men who are usually ethnic (non-white) and have disabilities (such as autism, being born very...
  2. I

    Making a documentary trying to better understand the incel community

    We are a group of students currently researching a documentary with the aim of understanding and making the public more aware of incels, separating them from the flashy headlines. We would really like to talk to anyone who is interested in contributing. Any contributors could remain completely...
  3. Jacob ROTchild

    Can this be my new resting place for JacobPill, or will you throw me away like Looksmax and .CO

    Are my posts friendly for this subreddit, I have been banned from 2 incel subreddits so far and I just want resting place for the JacobPill. This thread is sponsored by PornDude:
  4. J

    Hate women or your situation?

    The title is kind of self explanatory and I don’t mean for it to sound rude. I’m a new member here and my friend introduced me to this website about a week ago and I’ve been seeing posts about how women are only good for sex and etc. So I’ve just been wondering if you guys truly think women are...