1. OysterSauce

    Guide to behaving online and becoming a quality poster

    Once upon a time, the old Internet gurus introduced customs that are now considered ideal throughout the world. Still, every country has its own national customs and traditions which are honored by well-behaved people. Basic manners are a condition for success in life and should be taught to...
  2. WeezerBlueAlbum

    Selfie Thread.

    I recently joined and i honestly just want to compare myself to some fellow incels. I don't know anyone besides myself and i am just curious as to what my brothers look like. Also some suggestions for improvement would be helpful. But i won't judge any of you.
  3. T

    Experiment Time

    I have decided to put the redpill idea to the test. Although I believe in it, I have been getting more and more doubts about being able to get a foid through "self improvement" or whatever bullshit the media tells us will work. So, I am going to do a 30-40 day test and hit the gym 3-4 times a...