1. Uncommon

    Why the jews, the feminazis, the SJWs, the antifa and the lgbt want to ruin everything?

    The jews, the feminazis, the SJWs, the antifa and the lgbt ruined the ghostbusters with their feminazi agenda: later, they ruined terminator with their anti-male agenda: and some time later, they ruined the witcher with their white race replacement agenda: and now they want to ruin the...
  2. Uncommon

    The feminazis and the social justice warriors will never talk about the case of Maggie Haney

    In the news you can read that Maggie Haney was suspended for 8 years because she has verbally and emotionally abused gymnast...why the fucking social justice warriors and the fucking feminazis do not talk about that case in their feminazi forums? answer: because they only talk what favors their...
  3. AdamKadmon

    What if we orcrestrated a damsel and distress situation?

    Ok so you wear a mask and pay some homeless dudes an advanced payment to attempt to rape a foid, then when she is just about to give up hope. You swoop in, with a gun(lmao theyll kill your ass if you show up without one) and youll live happily ever after. Its full proof guys
  4. Uncommon

    Your opinion about the movie Frozen?

    I hate cold weather... but whatever, i havent seen the second movie, but i have already seen the first one, and i think its feminazis shit: all the villains are portrayed as male characters, and Elza at the end gets redemption from her sister Anus or Anna or whatever its called her...Its like...