1. Anakin66

    Whats your worst experience with a foid?

    mine is short but brutal. in the 8th grade we had an end of the year dance called the catillion.(basically middle school prom)this on puerto rican foid who was decently attractive found herself without a date to the dance with only 3 days till the dance.during social studies class she was...
  2. Spleen

    Private school is social hell

    I go to a private school and the one thing I've been starting to notice as of late is that the amount of normies is so much higher compared to public schools. Nearly everyone, probably like 80% of both guys and girls at my school are at least 7.5-8/10 on average. And since there are so many of...
  3. Morpheus

    Is it over from the start?

    When I was in middle school, any girl I'd ask out would reject me. I gave flowers and chocolate and even made a love song for one girl (corny i know). I was just an ugly kid I guess but as I got older, I managed to get a few dates here and there but never looked good enough to beat out the...
  4. Jorami

    Short lil Guy Attempts to Win The Heart of a Ghetto Girl (True Story Time)

    Back in middle school, I think 7th grade, prom was coming up in a few days. Everybodys getting prepared and excited about whose going with who. There are several groups: The Nerds - Average kids - Hood - and popular. I was on team average kids and popular, but this one kid (I'll nickname Timmy)...
  5. N

    Take my survey? (Sorry if this isnt allowed)

    Hi, I think I might be an incel (trying to figure out if my thoughts are real or the product of an anti-incel society), so for my schools summer project we have to make, administer, and analyze a survey (Heres the survey: ). I decided to do mine on incels...
  6. Jorami

    What is Your WORST Year in School?

    What is your absolute WORST year(s) in school? Mine was 6 grade, but 4th was awful too. Before I went into 4th grade, I was surrounded by kindness and loving people. But all that changed when I went into a school full of kids straight-out of da HOOD. I was unprepared for the harsh and hostile...