1. AccountError

    we heavily underestimate how garbage the life of the average man is (and will be)

    the ONLY people who i've seen enjoy life are the ones who had either looks or wealth during their youth (even both) it makes me mad how unfair life is, people are given everything they need in life by mummy and daddy's credit card and genes the rest of us just exist to rot and serve the few...
  2. Oogabooga

    Boyos, how do you make yourself do homework?

    Fuaaark, I just have this one major project that I need to finish (which I’m behind on) and I can’t make myself. Every time I sit down to do it, I end up here or on 4chan. It’s a fucking programming assignment too, which is gay as fuck since its basically guessing and making mistakes till I...
  3. Oogabooga

    Found former oneitisis social media

    And it was suifuel. In addition to all the usual degenrracy, she said she was making a secondary one for nudes, partying and drugs. I knew she was a kind of whore when I met her, but she was always nice to me and I couldn’t help it. Looking back, it was out of pity or her own amusement, she even...
  4. AdamKadmon

    Why is it so hard for people to stop for a second and imagine themselves as other people? Theres so much suffering in this world.

    No ones looking out for anyone. I used to care about others and love this world but then childhood's end came. It wasn't as sudden as I'd had initially believed it to be but at the time it was so overwelmimg. The hatred and anger i felt. It rotted my heart until a hole was all there was. I...