1. No dick nick

    Gone but not forgotten

    I've been noticing a few different accounts who suddenly stopped being active after a goodbye message or so, I do hope they are alright and have just stopped communicating with the site. Do you have accounts who you were following that suddenly went quiet and you suspect they died? Or any public...
  2. pussyslayer 649

    I might not be able to further my education

    I might be failing my courses due to lack of motivation to study during this online class season, it is entirely my fault, I might not be able to go to the next classes because my dad said that he will not pay for any class that I repeat, I should look for the money to pay for that, my education...
  3. Drab-Majesty

    I have literally the worst luck with women.

    I dunno if I'm a fakecel for this but I have no issue with getting women that aren't what I want, I by no means am aiming for that perfect waifu hell the last girl that ghosted me was cute and I could see it working but she wasn't the big tiddy gamer girl I was after. No, my luck is the girls...
  4. Letmego

    Sometimes i don't get this site too seriously

    Just as i said, i find this site, threads and people here very comforting and i find myself being very comfortable here. When we have fun it's nice and when we talk about our problems I'm happy because i can't talk about them to the people that wouldn't understand. But i then forget stuff like...
  5. pussyslayer 649

    Tinder are for chads only jfl

    I made probably more than 15 right swipes and I discovered that only 1 has right swiped me back( this was several months ago,please don’t give me the chad reaction). The girls that I saw in there are 18 to 24 year old attractive white women who would certainly not give me the time of the day and...
  6. Spice

    NSFW Another reason why women are psychopathic evil sl*ts Basically this poor guy was decapitated by his ''female friends'' because he received tune of 75k because his mother died etc but the gold digging whores got pissed and decided to decapitate this...
  7. K

    Life is pointless without regular sex

    Life is pointless when something as basic as sex and reproduction is taken away from you . Yes its basic , just like food or water , you cant die without sex ..yes , but there are some other kinds of deaths . I struggle find the motivation to even keep study or get up of bed ... im looking...
  8. K

    They all take a tall boyfriend !

    Ive been working in the mall today and ive seen alot of stacys with a tall chaidsh boyfriend , all the stacys had good jaw structure and they were hot , also another observation ive seen is - a religious stacy wont mind have a manlet ugly boyfriend .. i think it has to do with the woman...
  9. jhanarth_chant

    Any single woman here????

    Any age or ethnicity. Idc if you're a beached whale or a skinny queen I love you all and need someone in my life. Pls message me on snapchat: jhanarth
  10. K

    im going to college at 28 , this is my last chance to get a wife for my childrens

    hi everybody , i was a virgin up until 27 yo - did it with an escort so i guess technically im still am kind of a " virgin" , anyway - many years i was a very lonely man , like im mean realy realy lonely guy ...i had no friends but my cousin and he is an incel like me so its not like if...
  11. pussyslayer 649

    I remember when I had a crush in high school

    When I was in 11th and 12 grade, I had a crush on a girl and there was a guy that was telling me that the girl had a crush on me and he will try to give me “proofs” to show that she’s had a crush on me. After having a huge crush on her on the 11th grade and I entered the 12th grade with her, I...
  12. Saint Chincel

    BRUTAL story

    I remember one time in school I was sat in ict class I was 13 and just started there all of a sudden I was asked to leave the class for a moment I didn't know what for I hadn't done anything wrong then I found out that this girl called Sarah who was new and automatically made friends when she...
  13. S

    Why do Foids choose chad over me?

    I’m a 26 year old white guy, I’m 5”7, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, (like the two most wanted genetics) but yet I haven’t had a gf like ever. Why does it hurt so bad?
  14. kralislashav

    Foid threw her trash at me at McDonald's

    I was sitting in line to get my regular order: Big Mac with mayo instead of mac sauce. Suddenly, I avert my attention to the foid directly next to me. She ordered a coffee and took one look at me and scoffed. Well, I take my leave and the same foid throws her balled up napkins at me. Fucking...
  15. S

    Good sad incel songs?

    I feel so fucking pathetic I just wanna die right now. I just saw a stacy with an ugly dude right now and it made me realize how fucked I am so i wanna know if anyone has any sad go to songs they listen to when they feel shitty and worthless and unwanted. My favorite song is called "Dust" by...
  16. Jorami

    Short lil Guy Attempts to Win The Heart of a Ghetto Girl (True Story Time)

    Back in middle school, I think 7th grade, prom was coming up in a few days. Everybodys getting prepared and excited about whose going with who. There are several groups: The Nerds - Average kids - Hood - and popular. I was on team average kids and popular, but this one kid (I'll nickname Timmy)...