1. R

    Given up on college.

    I had the whole month of March to """look""" for one, but guess what. This wouldn't have happened if I was born white.
  2. R

    You will never go home to see this

  3. G

    No one will mourn us after we rope

    After attending a few funerals recently this has become a hard pill to swallow, it is a direct result of inceldom and not having children. Our siblings and nephews will attend our funeral just as a sign of respect without any real sorrow whereas Chad will have a clan filled with tears at his...
  4. Saint Chincel

    no frens

    New years day and I'm alone in my room smoking cigarettes as I do everyday what I would give to have a girlfriend and some friends to hang out with I was in the shop today and a blonde foid was talking to the foid behind the counter for about five minutes whilst there's a whole cue of people...