roast beef

  1. Oogabooga

    Cuckqueers Get absolutely triggered when we include ourselves in the LGBT

    I’m not sure why exactly it is, but based on my time in the older days when Braincels was around, and in the panic after it got shut down and new subs were popping up, the average plebbitor starts screeching autistically whenever we say we’re LGBT. I remember there was a sub called r/lgbtcels...
  2. B

    Asian roastie cries to the cops after being trolled on Instagram over interracial relationship Oh noes! A roasties feelings were hurt! Give me a break. I can't believe the cops actually wasted their time on something as petty as this. Cucknada truly is a damn joke.
  3. B

    roastie willingly gets drunk as hell, gets "rаped" by a stranger and decided to report it 6 months later

    Translation: " I got drunk, slept with a dude who wasnt chadly enough and regretted it ,decided to cry rape 6 months later in order to save face and play the "strong rape survivor" card for asspats. " Why do so many roasties think it's a good idea to drink themselves damn near comatose? I...
  4. B

    Instagram model roastie receives death threats from anonymous ntroll ZOMG! TEH HORRROH! someone on the internet said a few mean words to Stacey. Better call the white knight internets police.
  5. Oogabooga

    Just an Artcel Meme I made some time ago

    Nothing too complex, I used a simple color pallete with highly saturated hues to bring out the contrast of each mark, but the illustration was minimalist for stylistic reasons. I call it “Simply Based”.