1. I

    [BLACKPILL] Chads and Stacies live a life of privilege

    It's even legislated in the UK: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/12/04/one-rule-for-me-high-value-executives-athletes-media-staff-freed-from-two-weeks-covid-quarantine/ Notice the blame for spreading the virus is all on the incels, particularly the ricecels.
  2. DeusIncel

    "asians can't complain about racism because they earn a lot of money"

    by the way this tweet was made by a zoomer so I would take anything he says with a grain of salt its obvious that asians when they are not in their own countries get treated as effeminate because of their feminine looks. well, asians get treated poorly at least in America and probably the UK...
  3. Augustan Isidor

    Ricecel bullied and gaslighted by bluepillers into submission because he complained about not having a girlfriend.

    I don't know guys, I can sense his toxic personality. I see he has an account on some misogynistic forum posting about harming m'lady.