1. AdamKadmon

    The reason ive been so inactive is because Ive been studying normies. Specifically the aggressive antifa ones

    And the results are saddening. I tried so hard to understand them and explain to them that violence against another for simply believing something is wrong. They lashed out in anger and threatened violence against me. I just can't understand how someone could be so myopic.
  2. ortharzeal

    [Paper] It's over for braincels

    If your IQ is in 99th percentile, you are officially a braincel because foids want obnoxious brutes and not supreme gentlemen of intelligence. This forum but unironically
  3. T

    Incels Needed for Research Project

    Hello incels, I am working on a research project about what are incels and why do they believe what they believe. I am looking to ask incels with many different points of view about the incel community in order to get a well-rounded idea of what exactly are incels. if you are willing to help me...