1. азиат со скидкой

    Open relationships are the most dumbest form of relationship to ever exist

    I can't wrap my head about open relationships and the people who actually believe it's a good idea to form one. Basically, in short terms it means that you are voluntarily allowing your partner to be with other people and allow her/him to do anything she/he wants which can range up to sex...
  2. D

    My problem right now with girls and how i should act

    Hello im 19 yo, 5'11 tall ,built alright not too skinny or musceler, i have a problem with a girl that id like to know what you think, so i met this girl"K" about a month ago throught mutual friends at a bar. At the beginning i got intrested in her we talked and id make her laugh at the bar...
  3. Z

    An incel can fall in love with me?

    I'm sorry, if it's not where I should be, what I understood and what they talked to me about, they don't accept women here, but I need your help to understand this, please. A month or two ago, stable conversation with someone, who seemed super nice, I liked him, and I started to like him a lot...
  4. J

    What do you want from a relationship? Perfect girl?

    BACKGROUND: I am a young female who was interested in learning more about incels and I have looked at posts and forums about them for a very long time because I used to feel and have certain opinions that incels did. I am not attractive and it lead me down this path of self-hatred and other...
  5. T

    Let’s put an end to it

    I’m a minority in background and am rejected by my own country and get made fun of every day for being short. That being said I don’t think/feel like I’m above anyone. All I see is incels saying it’s exhausting hearing normies suggest things to try when incels already have. I’m up for the...
  6. T


    Let me introduce myself. I am from a racial background that’s considered a minority. Even people of my own country judge myself and my family for the dialect my family speaks. Everyone makes fun of me every day because they say I’m too short. With that being said I don’t think/feel like I’m...