1. Thewickerman

    10 years celibate and single, just got rejected

    So I’ve been single and celibate since around the beginning of 2010, before that I was in a relationship with my ex who started depriving me of sex or anything sexual after about a month, then she ended up dumping me over text. So recently I met this girl on fb and she’s smart and interesting...
  2. J

    Mutual crush got a boyfriend, what could I do?

    Well, Im in last year of high school (18 btw). I've been 3 years alone, and really makes me feel sad how all the time I've tried to get a girlfriend, I cant. My mutual crush posted on facebook she "got a boyfriend". People commented that they we're happy for her. We flirted in chat during 2...
  3. O

    Dear Incels, Tell me your rejection experiences

    I am interested in hearing the life experiences you had that made you an incel. If you don't mind, please share a time you experienced rejection from a female. Only share things that have happened to you specifically (so not something you heard happened to someone else or something from popular...
  4. S

    My life of rejection starts now

    Hello everybody, Im new here. I am 32 years old and I never had a girlfriend. Im becoming every year more and more needy of this. I live in the Netherlands. I have been to united states and I can tell you here it is way worse...people here look like out of a movie or magazine. But not me...Im...