1. AndinaGama

    The Simp

    INTRO A Simp is a man that puts himself in a submissive or subservient position under a woman in the hopes that by doing so he may curry sexual favour with said woman. The Simp is highly despised among men. he is looked down upon by the Fuck Boys, the Blessers, the Gentleman and the Leadership...
  2. Daydreamer

    The Redpill

    The best redpill explanation I've read on the internet so far.
  3. Karamelli

    Why Do You Want People That Don't Want You?

    This is kind of a volcel vs incel or blackpill vs redpill type question, but I don't understand why the desire doesn't just fade away for everyone that has no chance. And yeah you can cope, but seeing people that are out of your league and feeling anything other than awe or respect seems like...
  4. Karamelli

    Why Are There No Women In General/Incels Lounge?

    I see women posting in the bluepill room, but none anywhere else, so why? Is it like a safe space for redpilled/blackpilled men type thing? I'm obviously new here but it is an honest question.
  5. B

    Just wondering

    I was just wondering how you guys feel about Timothée Chalamet he kinda seems like the opposite of the ideal chad. He’s really skinny, super pale, even his face is unconventionally attractive. Yet every female I’ve talked to seems to have a crush on him. He doesn’t even really have “alpha...
  6. AdamKadmon

    Plato's Allegory of the Cave

    is the reason no one can simply be told about the Matrix. Not only will the bearer of the truth not be believed but they'd suffer violence as a result of said truth. Even Morpheus explains that people are so "hopelessly dependant" upon the Matrix that they'd fight for that computer generated...
  7. J

    Based all girls are sluts

    Here is the video i think its based as fuck zoomers getting blackpilled in the comments
  8. N

    Incels: what convinced you of the redpill?

    I see unattractive guys in relationships all time. If you were approached by a girl as unattractive as you think you are, how would you respond to her? Could it be that the reason why many incels are lonely, is because they only focus on the girls that they deem to be attractive (i.e. Stacies)...
  9. T

    Experiment Time

    I have decided to put the redpill idea to the test. Although I believe in it, I have been getting more and more doubts about being able to get a foid through "self improvement" or whatever bullshit the media tells us will work. So, I am going to do a 30-40 day test and hit the gym 3-4 times a...
  10. P

    Incel Interview Opportunity (Compensation may be available)

    This post is for anyone who self-identifies as an "incel" or any of its variations. We are Pulp, a soon-to-be launched documentary, news, and entertainment channel. We are doing one of our first projects on the online involuntarily celibate culture, and we are looking for individuals to answer a...
  11. E

    i’m a female. ask me anything.

    i’m a female looking to get insight on the incel world view by seeing what questions you have for me (not sure if that makes sense) i’ll try my best to answer each question to the best of my knowledge and will do my best to not come off as rude (i can do that sometimes, sorry if that happens...
  12. C

    Im an ex-incel and I want to speak kind and motivational words for those who are still suffering

    Im a former incel and I know how shitty it is to go through this feeling of being rejected and having everyone looking at you as if you're a weirdo from another planet and always missing out on things and fun. From age 12 - 17, I was bullied in school and had no friends. Sometimes on school i...
  13. FemTrails

    When was the last time you showered?

    I'm new to the site and am not sure how everything works. I can't figure out exactly where to post everything or how to gain credibility with you guys since femoids are rampant around here. I have a question for all incels though. I want to know when the last time you showered was? I want to...
  14. lllllilahegao

    I'm actually a femoid, please get some help

    For fucks sake, I just want to mom the fuck out of you guys and grab you all by your gross cheeto stained Black Ops shirt and yell that there are millions "Beta's" getting laid everyday. Maybe if you stopped team-killing, stopped reporting girls for feeding, took a shower, brushed your hair, put...