1. TournelHenry

    Rant: Sucks when don't get the job you want

    So, I've been working as a temp at a logistics company for over 5 months now. 2 times I applied to permanent positions and didn't get accepted. Worse of all, the second time, I got no response at all. Like 3 or more people have asked and wondered why I'm not in a permanent position after seeing...
  2. Drab-Majesty

    of all the traits I experience with women only 1 of these traits infuriates me.

    with them being sl*ts and wh*res that's whatever I can usually tell when a girls bodycount is high at a glance and the lying is trivial since women are dumb and can't lie well at all. You know what grinds my gears? them being avoidant and ghosting me, it literally puts me in a rage that can only...
  3. Kreezy

    My “friend” only talks to me when he needs something..

    My “friend” who is biggest piece of ѕhit, I don’t even consider him as my friend, but he only talks to me when he needs something... I hate him for that. He is successful with women too, and he had sex many times, while I’m struggling as an Incel... Today he texted me and said “Yo can you...
  4. StoicNihilist

    "Sex Doesn't Matter"

    "Sex doesn't matter, it's not that important." That's what normies tell us. They say that sex is not important, nobody owes it to you, so you should just shut up and know your place as an incel subhuman. But sex is important. It is literally one of the 3 base animal desires, besides food and...
  5. R

    It's hard to be a man in this country

    Men here don't have rights to fight against domestic abuse. The "authorities" will simply laugh at you for being weak and spineless. The Supreme Court leans towards women, it doesn't help that a lot of zoomers are huge white knights, based fromwhat I've seen. And if this won't suprise me even...
  6. R

    I am a miserable sack of ѕhit, please understand.

    "Wake up in the morning, browse incels.net. At lunch, browse incels.net. And in the evening, browse incels.net. That's my dream life."
  7. R

    No point in living without incels.net

    This is the best site on the internet as an incel, more freedom if you have sub-looks, or just straight subhuman. Less trolling, no confrontations, no typical "just get a life" bullshit, great staff, good members, but it sucks I hate all humans equally, including you.
  8. R

    How does one speak internet-ish?

    I feel like I'm alone on this one. Every time I see a totally random discussion pop up online it's like everyone understands each other, like they know what they're talking about, it doesn't matter which platform it takes place in just anywhere that lets you communicate. One thing I observed...
  9. R

    Given up again

    Before I even started learning. It sucks that it takes time to learn something. Some people just read a book and actually reflect on it similar to The Sims. On the other hand, me, finishes a book and forgets about it. One thing that turns me off ultimately are livestreams and tutorials that are...
  10. EdgarTheDog64

    Tired of "just go to another country advices"

    No one is safe from this bullshit advice, white or not. Just studymaxx and go to abroad so you can find a wife bro! Just seamaxx bro! Like, I mean, why would I voluntarily slave myself for a 2nd class citizen in an extremely racist country? Why would you go to a dangerous country? I'm not...
  11. EdgarTheDog64

    European kid I used to talk to still mogs me to atoms

    In every fuсking aspect, being voicemogged, even a brazilian guy thought he was 24. And my PC is a laughing stock of a joke compared to his despite me being older. Nіgga probably weeps when his games reach below 60 frames.
  12. EdgarTheDog64

    It's extremely exhausting to think about sex every time

    Even when you're doing something like a hobby or playing vidya, you can't help but think about sex, a gf sucking you while you're doing something. I do think about sex not going to lie, 90% of the time. It seems like life is way easier when you have a nice woman waiting for you. While your age...
  13. EdgarTheDog64

    [RANT] This world is dying, now you have to pay someone just to PLAY with you!?

    My god, why and how in god's unholy name idiots throw money at these people? There is no saving to this dystopia, the internet was a mistake and you can call me an idiot if you will.
  14. Iamthejoker2

    [RANT] Why do some of you try to prevent an incel from ascending? A rant from 10 hours ago.

    I dont get it. I really dont get it. Why are some of you like this? Why cant you just be happy for the guy? He ascended. Isnt that the goal? He did not betray us. He simply got to the finish line. Why are you berating him for ascending? It doesnt make sense. I felt joy and a little bit of...
  15. LeviathanChris

    I have a new idea + a rant

    Hi, I'm new here and I go by Leviathan. I was thinking that it's the femoids fault that I'm an incel, just think about it, I haven't seen any gay incels. That means that it's the whoreish femoids that reject nice guys like me. I'm tired of getting blocked and rejected by snobbish femoids who...
  16. FloppyEarsTheBu


    Y'all are the laughing stock on Facebook and other social media's. It's not women who are the problem. YOU ARE. You're not as nice to women as you think you are. You guys need to grow up and accept how the world is now. Feminism is important and it's not going anywhere. If you guys wanna...
  17. Spice

    YouTube This fuсking video

    Basically a fuсking cuck making fun of incels and saying how they make fun of other people online. The guy that made this video is the guy who was having a debate with TheGamercel ( think that was his name)
  18. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed tagged.com(slash)HarkHL I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...
  19. CursedPimple

    No amount of skincare or makeup can hide it.

    For a few years now I have worked in the "beauty" industry hoping to find a cure for my bad genetics. I have spend thousands on skin care products. Invested time and money and have seen no results. Hormone treatment hasn't helped either. I've had people look at my face and cringe. The worst is...