1. LeviathanChris

    I have a new idea + a rant

    Hi, I'm new here and I go by Leviathan. I was thinking that it's the femoids fault that I'm an incel, just think about it, I haven't seen any gay incels. That means that it's the whoreish femoids that reject nice guys like me. I'm tired of getting blocked and rejected by snobbish femoids who...
  2. FloppyEarsTheBu


    Y'all are the laughing stock on Facebook and other social media's. It's not women who are the problem. YOU ARE. You're not as nice to women as you think you are. You guys need to grow up and accept how the world is now. Feminism is important and it's not going anywhere. If you guys wanna...
  3. Spice The Baby

    YouTube This fuсking video

    Basically a fuсking cuck making fun of incels and saying how they make fun of other people online. The guy that made this video is the guy who was having a debate with TheGamercel ( think that was his name)
  4. Harkie

    By the gods, I am an incel, because I'm East Asian... And, I can prove it.

    My profile photo is displayed at my Tagged dating site, which you could visit, if you typed tagged.com(slash)HarkHL I got zero messages, for over a year, while my brown friend gets messages, doing nothing, on that site. Me reading dating advice from famous authors, like Mark Manson, didn't...
  5. CursedPimple

    No amount of skincare or makeup can hide it.

    For a few years now I have worked in the "beauty" industry hoping to find a cure for my bad genetics. I have spend thousands on skin care products. Invested time and money and have seen no results. Hormone treatment hasn't helped either. I've had people look at my face and cringe. The worst is...