1. Letmego

    I hate this song with my soul and i cringe whenever i hear it

    I was buying some noodles and this song came on in the shop, i don't even know if anyone understood the lyrics but they make me rage and go wtf.
  2. K

    They all take a tall boyfriend !

    Ive been working in the mall today and ive seen alot of stacys with a tall chaidsh boyfriend , all the stacys had good jaw structure and they were hot , also another observation ive seen is - a religious stacy wont mind have a manlet ugly boyfriend .. i think it has to do with the woman...
  3. Anesthetic

    I've grown so tired, and so frustrated.

    Tired of the OCD, tired of the schizophrenia spectrum disorder, tired of the panic attacks, tired of the agoraphobia, tired of the social anxiety. But maybe even more tiring, is the bullshit psychiatrist who's medications DON'T FRIGGEN WORK! And tired of the therapist pretending that asking me...
  4. W

    Can someone explain my situation... 3 therapists couldn't

    Hello my name is Patrick. I am 21, reasonable looking face with a far better than average body, a chad body I guess you could say. I am at a good university, I am very athletic and compete as an amateur mixed martial artist, hoping to go professional by 24.From this you could say, what's wrong...