1. Karamelli

    Were White Beauty Standards Adopted by Non-white Countries or Did They Develop Naturally?

    Most non-white countries have white beauty standards, but how much of this is biological vs cultural? The more widely accepted view is that it's cultural, that whites have been in positions of power and have become desirable, but I really doubt that. The strongest evidence against this to me...
  2. NuclearRedfield

    Are you aware that Freemasons are infiltrating the incel community?

    There are a lot of freemason that have infiltrated the incel community. On Youtube, an incel that goes by the channel name The BlackPilled Nihilist. He admitted to being in the process of joinng a freemasonic lodge. They are trying to infiltrate this community. So they can use it to their...
  3. EdgarTheDog64

    No point in trying if you're a sub-ethnic

    You're fucked either way regardless of where you are, and in any aspect of life and relationships. I'm trying to make a petition where POC are mandated to commit suіcіde. Looks like I OD'ed on the racepill.
  4. A

    You don't ''exist'' as a sub 6 ethnic male in the West.

    You only exist to deliver pizzas and to work as a uber driver driving Chad and Stacy around. Even your own ethnic women in the West love White cock, going back to your parent's country ''isn't'' an option either. I don't know the language, and the women there have had their vaginas cut off. I...