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    Hey how are y’all doing?

    Gonna be real with y’all my first introduction with this whole “incel” thing was through the subreddit that makes fun of the group. But it’s never a good idea to form an opinion or judgement without the presence of both sides so I’m here and trying to get a better understanding of the...
  2. N

    Posting this in bluepill just to be safe

    I have to make and analyze a survey for school, so I decided as an almost-incel (incel in the making?), I should do mine on other incels. I made a goofgle survey and it would be super cool if some people could take it. Its kind of long, but you can skip questions if you want, thanks...
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    Stumbled across this website out of curiosity

    Hello there, I managed to stumble across this website when I watched some unflattering videos on YouTube about these sites To those who are curious, no I am not an incel though I am relatively attractive just to clarify But am here to tell the news that looks is not everything a girl likes, it...