1. IGiveUp

    Quitting society to live in isolation?

    I’ve recently watched a documentary involving a man who decided to drop everything in his life in order to get away from society and move to the middle of nowhere and live in isolation, away from the people and problems. Seeing this I felt as if he was living the life that I wanted to be living...
  2. IGiveUp

    Why so many non-members visitors on this site?

    I’ve recently noticed a trend in this forum in where non members often out number the amount of actual members in daily visit. Any idea why this maybe, could they be lurking incels, normies or perhaps the feds?
  3. IGiveUp

    Why are there so many bans?

    I maybe naive on the topic so feel free to enlighten me but why are there so many bans on this forum? I understand if normies get ban and I don’t care about them, but most of previous members here seemed pretty based from what I’ve read so why are many of them ban?
  4. Uncommon

    The tallest member?

    I still remember how when i was a kid, i expected to be very tall as adult...but that never happened, that was a problem because when a fucking bully wanted to attack me, i was in dissadvantge when defending myself(the bullys were usually taller and heavier than me), and i still had to defend...
  5. thechemist

    inceldom and where you stand economically

    I thought about my own life and how poor i am. i literally have rats in my fucking kitchen. If it isn't the ants its the roaches, and if it isn't the roaches, its the rats. it like my apartment is a miniature ecosystem for rodents and other pest. Its does not help knowing the fact that in a...
  6. Uncommon

    Since the blue pill section was closed...

    When the blue pill section was closed, i thought that the number of "soys" online will be like 0...but they are still like what i wonder is, what are still doing here all those "soys"? i mean, they cannot posts anymore their stupid bluepill what are they doing here?
  7. Carpenter

    Any good cope advise?

    I'm running out of copes to do and i'm feeling like shit today. I already read all new posts here, went to the gym, jacked off twice, listened to some metal and played on my ps4. I have 4 hours till i have to go to sleep and nothing to do. Do you have any unusual copes? Anything that will take...
  8. EdgarTheDog64

    Who exactly are the PCs?

  9. kralislashav

    Question for incels who have had girlfriends

    Were they white? And if so how were they. Only have interest in the white section of femoids.
  10. wispyola

    why do female 'friends' friendzone me

    female beckys often say 'if you want females then be nice to them' well i am nice to them and the sl*ts reduce me to their 'bestfriend' while they go after chads who will use and abuse them. why ignore a gentleman like me
  11. Ronda504

    Sharing a female with other guys?

    Stumbled across this video, was wondering what you guys would think. How would you guys feel about sharing a female with another guy? I can see the argument that it's a horrible idea, living in perpetual cuckery; But at the same time I'm not sure I'd be able to turn down a lifetime of female...
  12. A

    A non-incel female who has some questions

    Hi I am a female from Scandinavia, so pardon my English. I have some questions if you guys don’t mind. I don’t know if you know this but Scandinavia has set the record for the most female and gay friendly countries in the world. And I’m so happy for that, feminism and equality is really on the...
  13. cuckhold

    I need Advice

    Dear Incels, I am a 17-year-old and man and I am currently enrolled in community college. I often get the urge to have sex but I am involuntarily celebit. This is my first post on this website and I don't know if I should hate women or not but I feel some resentment. What are your thoughts?
  14. ScienceStudent

    How did this happen?

    Forgive me for bad title, wasn't sure how to word it. I'm just coming here to ask; What was/were the moment/s that pushed you to 'become' an incel? By 'become' I suppose I mean to identify as one. And if you're not comfortable with sharing that information, just let me know what you think is...
  15. Hidden

    [Vent] Why do people like dogs so much?

    Not trying to offend dog loving brocels here but I really don't get it, why you guys love dogs ? I think the dogs are too overrated in the society. They're gross, they are loud, truly imo their barking is just so awful , they mess everything up in the house, they are SO annoying with their lot...
  16. Eucalipto

    Is there any form of Incel that is an Incel for "being a romantic person/Too romantic"?

    I've always wondered if there is the mere idea that some incels are very romantic and that's why they end up alone. This may bother some incels, but I think that more than one incel that I have read is alone because they are afraid of being rejected and what they are looking for is a genuine...
  17. SilentMeadow

    what's something you want to change about yourself?

    I always think about this question, and I always wish I could change the way my face is shaped. It's an ugly, misshapen, jawless shape. I wish I could have a strong, straight jaw, maybe it would help my looks, even just a little bit. Is it worth it to save up for plastic surgery?
  18. Jorami

    Is it Homophobic?

    Right now I’m sharing a room with one of my best friends for summer vacation and it was going great. She recently became really close to me and we started sharing dark and personal secrets. We talked about all kinds of things, boys, religion, race, culture, sex.. Eventually, she said, "Im...
  19. Inboots

    A question to all incels!

    Hello! I’m a guy from Europe. I’m skinny, short in height and my skin color is white. I live a happy life with my girlfriend (we’ve been together for over 3 years now). I’m not a virgin and I have high functioning autism too. To the point, quite recently I commented on a random Facebook post and...
  20. J

    Hate women or your situation?

    The title is kind of self explanatory and I don’t mean for it to sound rude. I’m a new member here and my friend introduced me to this website about a week ago and I’ve been seeing posts about how women are only good for sex and etc. So I’ve just been wondering if you guys truly think women are...