1. PigClown

    Anyone else on meds?

    I'm assuming almost everyone on here wants to be dead, so are any of you on medication? If not, does anyone go to a therapist/psychiatrist? I don't do therapy but I'm on anti-depressants.
  2. Psycho

    Does free will exist?

    I am currently studying psychology and I have been interested in that topic for years. The more I learn about psychology, the more I feel like humans are nothing but a "machine" to carry genes. Just like a computer, it works with "codes" and in the end, what we do, feel etc. is just for...
  3. A

    Psychology or Physiology

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the english-speaking community, but have spend some time discussing incels problems on russian-speaking boards. And so i have a dilemma if incels thinks all their problems are based on their psychology or physiology defects. And after i'd got some answers i'll tell my...