power dynamics

  1. R

    If you had a cock carousel riding slut that had been with 100+ men and you could smash against her will, how would you seek revenge?

    I'm curious to know what some of the most blackpilled of us would be capable of doing. I'm a small, beta-man, ex blue-pilled sub 5 that basically has cucked mentality engraved in his brain, so even with a despicable woman as such, I sadly think I would be shy, submissive and treat her nicely. It...
  2. Veritas

    Girls who ghost after sex.

    Feminists like to spred this notion that men are the only sex that is egotistical enough to do "smash and dash" And when you swipe on Tinder it certainly gives you that impression, why would they write "NO HOCKUPS" if that is in the menu?. However when you ask seasoned Tinder veterans if they...