1. R

    Question to britcels...

    Have you ever seen a FakeTaxi before? Are they really common as shown in the videos?
  2. R

    What's the point of buying AMD graphic chips?

    For the record, I own one. Almost any game I want to play is NVIDIA optimized, I know someone would say "you should've gotten a higher one so you wouldn't tell the difference." will be a laughable response and shall be ignored. Overclocking isn't a safe option since: 1. When I said NVIDIA...
  3. yakstan

    I cheated on my “gay porn” diet and worry of giving into temptation is getting worse.

    I apologize for starting a new thread this quick after starting my first one, but it was really just a copy and paste of a draft I had in my Notes app for a few weeks now and I realized that if I want adequate responses I should rather talk about the now instead of the then. If you haven’t read...
  4. DarkMTS_57

    Is Pornography a jewish fabrication, or inherently part of man´s ego, and they simply exploit such vulnerability ?

    Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Fellow coomers, what do you think about this ?