1. PapaEmeritus

    Video (political)

    The conservatives on this platform (A.K.A. probably more than 90% of you) will like this video. It's incredibly accurate. I've started watching a lot of bipartisan comedic political channels recently like this guy and The Onion (although I've been watching The Onion for a while) because it's...
  2. Tupolev

    Do my fellow incels vote? Will you this year?

    It's an interesting question i thought i would ask. Personally I've never voted yet, and I'm nearly 32 years old now. I've always felt like no one represents me locally, or nationally either one. If you're an American incel, will you be voting in this years election? Care to share who you'll be...
  3. UnDinkstered

    Abortion Topic

    So I've thought about making a list of arguments against abortion from myself, and pro for those, that I've heard from people, and decided to also counterargue them, and then upload here to everyone to see and think about it. And also to make the topics a bit more diverse and thoughtful, and...