1. Apathycel

    Based UKcel ain’t having any of it from the Metropolitan police

    Police enter this guy’s house because he’s ‘supposedly’ been breaking quarantine. Jfl at people who think an incel would break self isolation rules despite the fact they’ve been self isolating for their entire lives!
  2. Wolf

    I got arrested - Cops are greedy as fuck these

    I was outdoors at a basketball court on the weekends out in the open and met up with a buddy. We smoked a joint there and had a beer. The police came by with a car at a distance of 400 meters. Near a parking lot. I said to my buddy, let's change places. But suddenly the police came at us at...
  3. Mr.Toad


    Posted bout this before but anyway, So basically not allowed to talk to this girl who emotionally destroyed me , fucking police obviously take her side cause she’s a woman , was wandering if there’s anyway to deal with my anger without getting into trouble with the police ?