please dont yell at me i cry very easily

  1. SuperCheatBros

    Hi y'all, "curious" female troll, plz don't hurt me inkwells (parody)

    Hi inkels, my names abc123girl and i wanna know why all y'all are incels and so hostile to all women? Do all yall incels think the same way and are all ya'll misogyniz? Like i know theres sum bad ones but not all are like that. Also ch'aull are toxic misogynisz. Also kindness can go a long way i...
  2. P

    I come in peace but also with some questions

    Hi! I don’t want to upset/anger anybody here because I know all you guys come here to vent your emotions and talk about your frustrations and I don’t want to disrespect that; I’m sorry if any of you feel upset by this. To clarify, I’m a woman! I live somewhere in Toronto. I was thinking...