1. Che

    Writing Stop hatіng women and you'll get a girlfriend

    "your problem is that you think 50% of the world's population is evil, actually if you changed your hateful attitude you might get a woman in your life"... Well where I start from, do these Normies ever use there brains? Nobody where born hatіng women, we started to hаte women after discovering...
  2. Wristlet_2

    I did an experiment that basically debunked the personality meme

    For context, I am obviously blackpilled and I realize that if you don't look good it's over, however, I think if you're looksmaxxed but not really chad, like chadlite or something, a good personality can help. Looks are first, but if you have the looks to back it up, a good personality can help...
  3. bazzimine


    But we know they don't (see Jeremy Meeks). Talking to all FOIDS without having have GOOD LOOKS or MONEY is useless...AND seeing normie males believe in the 'PERSONALITY' CON gives me great joy coz they simply ARE COWARDS who REFUSE the TRUTH and get HURT through their own FAULT....
  4. Hidden

    Stacy gets murdered by Chad boyfriend.

    ( P E R S O N A L I T Y ) As its seems women's personality detector malfunctions again. I'm sure its because of personality right ? that why we are here. Its absolutely has nothing to do with your looks silly little inkel, it just so happens that my boyfriend is little bit violent to the point...
  5. Shikibetsu

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    I'm curious, anybody else here familiar with MBTI? What type are you? I'm an INFP.