1. Captain

    What to do you hate?

    My personal list: 1. Football 2. People who explain everything in parables. 3. Psychics who charge money for their "services". 4. The sound of eating when the mouth is open. 5. [C]rap music/hip-hop. 6. Megachurches. 7. Leftist politicians. 8. Star Trek [and anything similar]. 9. Trannies. 10...
  2. CursedPimple

    A very long story on how I entered the world of females.

    I would like to tell this story here because I have no where else to. Around this time last year I started working for a well established beauty salon recognized by the VIP of my country. I'm a very reclusive and sheltered person so taking this job on was completely out character but I though...