personal reality

  1. T

    I think I've gone insane.

    There's something I need to vent out, be honest about and no disrespect but it feels easier discussing the subject with fellow intellectuals but I do need you to be open minded and be honest. For a while, I've felt different and not in the physical way but more in the emotional and mental way...
  2. AdamKadmon

    It’s like, we live in a room, and there’s a poster on the wall. We stare at it and we think that’s the whole world, the room and the poster.

    The picture’s something nice, a landscape, a famous person. Like in that movie, what’s it called, the prison movie? The room’s a cell. And the picture, it’s different for each of us. It can be beautiful or terrible, but we’re all transfixed. But it’s all a lie. Something to distract us from the...