1. Lordgoro

    Well brothers, I think im DONE with escorts for a LONG TIME! The world is too damned crazy!

    Between the insanity of sky high prices on everything in america, the total devaluation of the american dollar, shut-downs, this pandemic, the MASK crap, americans paranoid, and the outrageous DEMANDS of any new escorts I have tried to contact, I think at this point im done dealing with them...
  2. Apathycel

    Based UKcel ain’t having any of it from the Metropolitan police

    Police enter this guy’s house because he’s ‘supposedly’ been breaking quarantine. Jfl at people who think an incel would break self isolation rules despite the fact they’ve been self isolating for their entire lives!
  3. Tupolev

    Is COVID-19 an intelligence operation?

    Wouldn't it be a coincidence, if the same intelligence agents responsible for other events (such as 9/11)...were also responsible for COVID-19? Think about this...if you were wanting to study how humans would react to a pandemic, or a biological attack, what would you do? Chances are, you would...
  4. Tupolev

    I would be perfectly happy if coronavirus remained a threat forever!

    Look at all the public gatherings of normies being canceled. The major league sports are having to cancel their seasons. I wouldn't mind if popular sporting events went bye bye for good. Look at the normie festivals being canceled, i don't care one single iota about them. Look at all the...