1. Uncommon

    what was in your opinion the 2019 joker?

    cesar romero - the clown jack nicholson - the gangster heath ledger - the anarchist jared leto - the psychopath joaquin phoenix - ??? in your opinion, which joker was joaquin phoenix?
  2. Spice

    A lot of women are so fucked up in the head that they themselves like to be called daddy now instead of mommy

    As title says so i wanna ask u this incel folks have u noticed this degenerate shit happening? Where a dumb slutty foid would want to be called that shit because as far as i know i heard it many times which to me sounds fucked up but it makes sense since foid want to act like male for the chad...
  3. pussyslayer 649

    Does anyone find YouTube memes funny anymore?

    I could remember in 2014 when i was 13 and I just found out youtube, I used to enjoy YouTube memes a lot but now it’s just boring now that there are tiktok memes on there and memes that are not funny anymore, and I used to enjoy video games too but I am starting to lose interest in it probably...