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  1. R

    It's like we're being hunted by bounty hunters

    The internet is the sea, we are pirates who get no booty. One head is worth $300 and attention. Another bad day.
  2. R

    Who do you hate the most?

    1. Anyone that isn't me (E.g. You) 2. Me I would be glad to know what is yours.
  3. R

    Question to britcels...

    Have you ever seen a FakeTaxi before? Are they really common as shown in the videos?
  4. EdgarTheDog64

    [RANT] This world is dying, now you have to pay someone just to PLAY with you!?

    My god, why and how in god's unholy name idiots throw money at these people? There is no saving to this dystopia, the internet was a mistake and you can call me an idiot if you will.
  5. EdgarTheDog64

    Brocels what is something you're proud about yourself, even if it's not that big

    I'm proud to say I can tell a woman is a slut based on what clothes she wears.
  6. EdgarTheDog64

    Tired of repeating myself over and over

    Not scripted NPC dialogue, just thoughts and posts here, I'm nearly mute irl. My recent redundant posts are proof, there is nothing new to learn about foids anymore, all had been discovered.
  7. Regine

    Bleach is the greatest anime of all time

    No explanation needed