1. Letmego

    Normies taking over our memes

    Opinions ?
  2. Spice

    Stupid normie gets owned+ he also says yikes

    Damn these fucking normies who force their shitty LGBT agenda, Hyprocrites who force you to believe in their shitty LGBT how we should respect these retarded birth defects but its ok for them to make fun of lonely virgins fuck them.
  3. Napoleon deGeso

    Enlightened incel spaces should be cleansed from ugly normies

    What is "ugly normie"? As one incel said poetically yesterday, it is "normie in incel's skin". Creature, who looks like incel, who can be technically incel, and faces same problems with females, incels do, but he is normie in mind, same primitive dudebro as ordinary normies, and would spend time...
  4. TheIncelosopher

    Coronachan by itself doesn't bother me. I'm more annoyed by the overreacting Normies.

    I've posted this before in numerous forums. Is it me or am I the only person in the entire world not scared of the Coronavirus? Humanity had endured WORSE. We had the fucking apocalypse that was the Black Plague which destroyed most of Eurasia, we had Smallpox which erased the Aztecs from...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    I can´t stand normies, nor soyciety...

    I hate normalfags more than ever, now with these social apps on their gay smartphones, they are just everywhere. The internet was meant to be OUR place, and before that, it was used by the army. I just can´t stand them. The overly stupid low class "trendy jew fashion" made for the average goy...
  6. DarkMTS_57

    ( Venting my Stress ) This has been one of the shittiest weeks so far...

    First off, not only have i been without internet since the previous Saturday morning from last week, but i have been having a nuisance annoying the shit out of me. This week has been one of the shittiest so far, when it comes down to me being disturbed in MY OWN HOUSE no less. It went like this...
  7. Spice

    Insulted by a fаggot normie and a lesbian

    I was getting harrased today for being a incel by a fucking lesbian slut and a gay fаg. They were saying shit like me being a social reject and many other things here : He is calling me gay yet he admitted to sucking dicks and he is also an oribiter and a simp The lesbian on the other hand is...
  8. Lordgoro

    There is literally NOTHING wrong with us, its the modern world thats fucked!

    As an incel for 49 years, with high intelligence, quirky but good sense of humor, and personable nature, Ive determined that theres NOTHING wrong with incels mentally, its the NORMIE world thats totally fucked up! Yes, some of us may be a bit shy, but we are unique, original, and usually have...
  9. Lordgoro

    I believe "normies" are psychologically FRAGILE! They cannot see it.

    Thats why they keep logging on here and giving us the same crappy opinions and advice over and over again, INTERNALLY KNOWING it will never work. However, It would hurt them at the deepest level of their psyche to even ACKNOWLEDGE that it never works.. The IDEA disrupts their very sense of...
  10. Saint Chincel

    damned if you do damned if you dont

    Used to have some normie\chadlite "friends" who used to bully me for being a virgin then would make fun of me for losing my virginity to an escort There's no winning in clown world
  11. Spleen

    Ever wish you could take the bluepill?

    As much as I hate normies, it would be pretty good to be one. I just want that blissful ignorance again.
  12. Spleen

    Private school is social hell

    I go to a private school and the one thing I've been starting to notice as of late is that the amount of normies is so much higher compared to public schools. Nearly everyone, probably like 80% of both guys and girls at my school are at least 7.5-8/10 on average. And since there are so many of...
  13. F

    What differentials incel, normies and chad?

    I have always wondered what are some factors that lead to this differentiation in people. I'm talking about physical attributes in this situation here. I'm not talking about that oozing with confidence bullshit or personality because that's mediocre and all lies. I know people will say they have...
  14. Hidden

    Mother shoots her three children and then her self after losing custody!

    Normies in comment section are blaming the guy, "" he has cold eyes"" lock him up! Jfl women's and normies empathy and logic shines again.
  15. Hidden

    Normies and foids are hypocrites. Never forget this.

    If you're ugly or failed normie, people will dislike you no matter what. If you're unassertive, they'll hate for "being a pussy" and if you are a sub 6 confident guy they'll hate for "being an asshole". If you do something poorly they'll talk shit about you for being "incompetent" and again if...
  16. Hidden

    I'm getting tired of normie & NPC advice.

    Normies just keep telling the similar advices , in the first it was funny but now its just so boring. Yeah yeah I get it, just stop, its getting annoying. Just respect women bro ! Its your attitude and behavior bro ! Just taker a shower before approaching women bro ! Just wear a clean and...