1. Lordgoro

    I have a radical theory, and proposal. I think it bears consideration....Concerning Chads and Normies.

    I had an Epiphany.. A REVELATION, if you will... Imagine a game of Monopoly. You have a few regular players, with average luck with the dice.. They know the basics, and they can play with an average rate of success, theyll still all lose, but theyll stay in there for the long haul...
  2. J

    Facial features of a chad or normie? [0-10 poll]

    Just trying to figure out whether I my face features would classify as a chad. Rating 1 to 10 in the poll.
  3. Lordgoro

    Question. Is this guy a SOYBOY, future incel, or low tier normie? Read full story then comment
  4. GameDevCel

    Response video to Kalvin Garrah

  5. Sir_LionHeart

    “Just talk to people” Literally every normal person who don’t realise how incel life is, get out bluepills.

    OK, so i’ve talked to a lot of people about my social awkwardness and anxiety, After awhile i realised that women are disgusting idiots. And yet all the time, all i hear is “just talk to people” how? when all women care about is looks. TALKING TO PEOPLE WONT GROW YOU A JAWLINE.
  6. F

    What differentials incel, normies and chad?

    I have always wondered what are some factors that lead to this differentiation in people. I'm talking about physical attributes in this situation here. I'm not talking about that oozing with confidence bullshit or personality because that's mediocre and all lies. I know people will say they have...
  7. Hidden

    Normie from new jersey kills 19 year old foid during "rough" sex!
  8. Morpheus

    Is it over from the start?

    When I was in middle school, any girl I'd ask out would reject me. I gave flowers and chocolate and even made a love song for one girl (corny i know). I was just an ugly kid I guess but as I got older, I managed to get a few dates here and there but never looked good enough to beat out the...
  9. M

    Stumbled across this website out of curiosity

    Hello there, I managed to stumble across this website when I watched some unflattering videos on YouTube about these sites To those who are curious, no I am not an incel though I am relatively attractive just to clarify But am here to tell the news that looks is not everything a girl likes, it...