1. Uncommon

    In the news: lesbo kills a poor man...and nobody bats an eye!

    First of all, i want to make clear that i do NOT support violence, is that clear? Ok, now i will continue with the topic of the news: This case apparently happened in Argentina or in other country of south america, what happened is that a lesbo and a bisexual woman ended their relation. Later...
  2. Uncommon

    Are those news true or not?

    Look at those news: Are they true or is only a joke?
  3. AdamKadmon

    [LIFE FUEL] The subreddit animemes collapsed after making a bullshit rule about not saying trap or hurting tranny feelings

    Im so glad the users rose up against them. Doxxing swattings, the works. It really shows that not everyone is braindead npc nowadays. Seriously this news brightened my day
  4. Hidden

    Sad ѕhit (Castrated Femsaki Exposed ITT)

    I just found some nasty secrets about @Sasaki. He was in prison a year ago. Sad shit. This is the reason he acts like a foid to brocels, especially to our fellow ethniccels. @Sasaki why didn't you told this to us before? We could have helped you, man.
  5. Hidden

    [Good news] Old feminazi foid died. The old jewish hag is finally dead and burning in hell! She pushed the abortion & feminazi agenda in France.
  6. Hidden

    [BASED] Egyptian foids get 2 years in prison for TikTok dance videos!

    "The w*men were also fined nearly $19,000 each for “violating the values and principles of the Egyptian family,” inciting debauchery and promoting human trafficking, according to a statement from the public prosecutor."...
  7. Hidden

    Just when you think you've reached peak clown world.

    This shit comes out: How thirsty you’ve to be for sticking your peepee in a hole in the wall? I can't believe normies can be so low IQ to do this shit. Just LOL @ normies!
  8. Tupolev

    Clown news (The Guardian clowns again)

    Cities are sexist because skyscrapers look like penises, says Guardian... A recent article in the newspaper described skyscrapers as “upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky.” This shouldn't come as any surprise. The Guardian has always been a biased and awful news outlet. But this...
  9. Hidden

    Corona-chan 11,007,262

    It reached 11 million boyos! Normies get what they deserve, it's their fault. They can't handle social distancing or keep themselves clean.
  10. Tupolev

    FAKE NEWS >> Yet another lie by the media; Hit piece on Russia.

    The U.S media FALSELY reported that Russian intelligence forces were offering money to the Taliban, and other Islamic forces, to kill American service members. The Pentagon says there's no proof of that. This is absolutely DISGUSTING. The way the media is allowed to print fake news every single...
  11. Hidden

    North Korea is based Based Fat man knows how to deal with degeneracy ngl. "North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has issued a plan to make sexual relationships between teenagers punishable by law following a rise in “sexual immorality,” according...
  12. Hidden

    Corona-chan 9,065,736

    It's growing very fast. Normies still haven't learned about social distancing and keeping themselves clean. XD
  13. Hidden

    [Giga honk] A rаpe survivor and the man who rаped her teamed up to write a book and tell their story. Just imagine if he was ugly...

    Old but gold. Chads raping foids and getting away with it is one of the harsh black pills truth. In fact it isn't rape if it is done by chad. If he was an ugly male, he would be a dead man rn. Soy gang in prison would have brutally removed him. Guess it was his great personality and vibes let...
  14. Hidden

    USA is retаrded tbh. Got cucked by a Nigerian.

    Imagine getting cucked by Nigeria. Top kek. @Lordgoro was right about 'Murica.
  15. Hidden

    Is this guy trolling or he is legit? The next er?

    This guy is high tier normie but seems like a mentalcel to me.
  16. Hidden

    [Clown world] Toilet stabs her boyfriend “because of the isolation” and court lets her off because she was "stressed" JFL @ at this gay ass clown world. This is the gynocracy in action. I hope the bitch get Corna-chan and chokes on her own fluid.
  17. Hidden

    [Kek] Hole kicks the bucket after falling from a cliff while posing for a photo!

    KEK. Another proof foids are children!
  18. Hidden

    [Update] Coronachan 3,229,814
  19. Hidden

    [Lifefuel] Brazilian gamer foid gets 116 years in jail for scamming normies! For TL, DR: She managed an online store that...
  20. Hidden

    Andrew Yang drops out of presidential race!

    Its over before it began for yang gangcels. Democrats are now even more low IQ. @lordoftheincels yang's number one supporter on suіcіde watch.