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    Corona-chan 11,007,262

    It reached 11 million boyos! Normies get what they deserve, it's their fault. They can't handle social distancing or keep themselves clean.
  2. Anesthetic

    FAKE NEWS >> Yet another lie by the media; Hit piece on Russia.

    The U.S media FALSELY reported that Russian intelligence forces were offering money to the Taliban, and other Islamic forces, to kill American service members. The Pentagon says there's no proof of that. This is absolutely DISGUSTING. The way the media is allowed to print fake news every single...
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    North Korea is based Based Fat man knows how to deal with degeneracy ngl. "North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has issued a plan to make sexual relationships between teenagers punishable by law following a rise in “sexual immorality,” according...
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    Corona-chan 9,065,736

    It's growing very fast. Normies still haven't learned about social distancing and keeping themselves clean. XD
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    [Giga honk] A rаpe survivor and the man who rаped her teamed up to write a book and tell their story. Just imagine if he was ugly...

    Old but gold. Chads raping foids and getting away with it is one of the harsh black pills truth. In fact it isn't rаpe if it is done by chad. If he was an ugly male, he would be a dead man rn. Soy gang in prison would have brutally removed him. Guess it was his great personality and vibes let...
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    USA is retаrded tbh. Got cucked by a Nigerian.

    Imagine getting cucked by Nigeria. Top kek. @Lordgoro was right about 'Murica.
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    Is this guy trolling or he is legit? The next er?

    This guy is high tier normie but seems like a mentalcel to me.
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    [Clown world] Toilet stabs her boyfriend “because of the isolation” and court lets her off because she was "stressed" JFL @ at this gay ass clown world. This is the gynocracy in action. I hope the bitch get Corna-chan and chokes on her own fluid.
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    [Kek] Hole kicks the bucket after falling from a cliff while posing for a photo!

    KEK. Another proof foids are children!
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    [Update] Coronachan 3,229,814
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    [Lifefuel] Brazilian gamer foid gets 116 years in jail for scamming normies! For TL, DR: She managed an online store that...
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    Andrew Yang drops out of presidential raсe!

    Its over before it began for yang gangcels. Democrats are now even more low IQ. @lordoftheincels yang's number one supporter on suіcіde watch.сe-n1134161
  13. Anesthetic

    Dereliction of men, and Kobe Bryant's passing.

    I woke up this morning to the horrific news that a helicopter had crashed in southern California, and that among the deceased, was a sports superstar...Kobe Bryant. My first reaction was probably the same reaction that many people had. I thought it was tragic, and even though i'm not a fan of...
  14. Anesthetic

    Testosterone levels dropping in American men...

    A new study published this month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that testosterone is in crisis, at least when it comes to American Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Men’s testosterone is supposed to decline naturally with age, but this study, which was presented last October to the Sexual...
  15. Anesthetic

    The biggest news story over the next 10 years?

    Here's the crazy thing, it won't be in the news. Only the aftermath of it will be, but not the cause. What am i talking about? I'm talking about the mental health of men, particularly in the U.S, but abroad as well. Around 70-75% of fatal overdoses in the U.S, are by men. Can anyone guess why...
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    Is Andrew Yang a cuck?

    He is a feminiѕt as it seems. Jfl at yang gang copers. He will make US worse imo.
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    [JFL] The wh*re roastie training program for foids now starts at 10 in CA

    The clown world never fails to make me laugh.сe-where-10-year-old-girls-learn-how-to-put-on-condoms/сe-where-10-year-old-girls-learn-how-to-put-on-condoms/...
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    Jack Peterson is probably going to kill himself

    If anybody remember this guy, he was considered to be co's spokesman but later he left there because he thought it was a toxic place, and then he spoke against us. He told the media that he is not an incel anymore and he is going to do some improvements and ascend but as far as it seems he...
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    St. bagelcel had a stroke
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    Normie from new jersey kills 19 year old foid during "rough" sex!