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  1. N

    Blackpilled 25 y/o incel

    Found this website while sulking over two of my housemates having their girlfriends over A bit about me: Blackpilled 2/10 currycel Student Kissless hugless virgin Called ugly by girls several times Tried several times with both curry girls and anglo girls (curry girl rejection is much more...
  2. Rooster

    New to the forum, want to introduce myself and show support

    I'm black-pilled... the basic premise is truth, it is. I've always known but I have been too scared to say it until this very moment. I was on Reddit a few months ago and found a post with a link to a YouTube video... Interview with an Incel. It was in the beginning of the Rona crisis so I...
  3. P

    new here, i need help

    i dont know how to work this website at all. i dont know how to reply either. sometimes it says i dont have the privilege to reply and i have no idea what that means. are there levels to this website? how do i increase my level? and why can i only post on the off-topic forum thing? whats a...