new incel

  1. Coder

    New member

    Hey all, I've been lurking on here the past few days and decided to join. I am an incel that got into MGTOW around 2015 and still subscribe to a good portion of their ideas about female nature. As time went on, I've grown to accept more blackpill ideas due to lack of success with women. The only...
  2. VodkaKlebold

    Budding Black Pill

    So I'm relatively new to the whole incel "scene". However, I'm not new to hatred and pain. I've never been on one of these sites. I'm looking for some hardcore blackpill mentors though to truly teach me everything I can't find on the normie web.
  3. FriskyBiscuit

    It's a new decade, boys. What luck did you have in 2019 and do your beliefs you had in the previous year match up with how you're feeling now?

    It's 2020 gents. Did you manage to get a few numbers this year? Maybe Sarah from work gave you a shot and you had a pretty nice date with her, or maybe you worked up the nerve to talk to that cute cashier over at your local grocery store. Did you win the jackpot and manage to be in a temporary...
  4. LoneWolf666

    New here what should I know

    Already know everything about being a incel just from learning others beliefs but thought I should learn some more and talk to people that agree with me. You will probably be seeing me here a lot.
  5. hated_one

    New member issue

    I have just registered and i am not able to post in any other thread,or to reply.I don't know when i will be able to and I am impatient to contribute in discussions,and i am apologizing for my bad english.I hope that I won't be banned for that and that that wont piss of too much other members.Peace.
  6. F

    Hello Guys

    I am new on this platform (also I wanted to since I heard from it), basically I just wanted to greet this community :) Disclaimer: I’m obviously not a chad
  7. SilentMeadow

    i just realized im an incel

    someone help me come to terms with this. Over the last few years, I've kept going outside to a minimum. I realized that women look at me with disgust. This is killing me inside. How do I cope with this?
  8. N

    Posting this in bluepill just to be safe

    I have to make and analyze a survey for school, so I decided as an almost-incel (incel in the making?), I should do mine on other incels. I made a goofgle survey and it would be super cool if some people could take it. Its kind of long, but you can skip questions if you want, thanks...