1. ClownKing14

    Failed high school senior year

    I'm looking for some advice. Its august now and i couldnt complete my online credit recovery. So i didnt graduate or get my diploma. Should i try and enroll in school again? Or find a way to become a neet?
  2. DarkMTS_57

    As an Incel, what would you do if you won the lottery ? ( 1M+ )

    Full detachment from society as a whole. No neighbors, no barking dogs, not hearing shitty music when a car passes by, no shitty hot season to endure. ( I´d move to a cold place, where the Summer is 20º Celsius ) I would be able to feel REAL peace, by being all by myself in my €250,000+ budget...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    There´s nothing worth in this World outside this Room

    My only place of refuge, and true solace. It can´t be compared, matched, or even associated with what goes beyond the door. If it was not for this room, i´d get rid of myself. That´s how much value this place really has, and rightfully so. Can you function in this current climate ( 2020 ) and...
  4. killhatori

    neet doesnt rope

    its been a long time (´• ω •`) i wanted to tell everyone what hapened....but i dont have anybody to tell it about.... . a long time ago i posted about being a NEET. everyday was torure then. but everyone on the thread was nicer to me than anybody in real life, except for my mom.... i still dont...