1. JeffGoldblumFly

    The lack of good music is directly correlated with lookism

    Yeah I know, very obvious, but I was losing myself a little in some daydreams and thinking about how we no longer see great rock stars, legendary guitarists, drummers who become band leaders like Dave Grohl, there is no longer a band that will show a new way of making music, there is no one who...
  2. unfixable

    Shit! I just fell in love with a dead foid

    She's dead so I'm not a simp... right?
  3. vanSavage

    Any Guitarcels in here?

    Any incels around who cope by playing guitar? How do they look ;) ?
  4. DarkMTS_57

    The End.

    The proper song, don´t you think ? I have to watch LOTR again, from start to finish.
  5. Wolf

    Anyone else into music production?

    Is anyone of you into music production ? If yes, which Genre and what kind of things did you produced and published yet? Show off some work and lets connect Im really into Trap / HipHop Beats You can listen to my tracks here: Spotify: Soundcloud...
  6. straberi

    what brings you peace?

    for me personally it’s music and art, just drifting away and making up scenarios in my head to the music i like or sketching up all kinds of characters for my comic book. i like pixel art too cause it’s atmospheric and calms my nerves, i thought about learning to draw and animate pixel art like...
  7. D

    What do you guys think of Negative Xp/School Shooter and the Rest or MSG?

    If your not aware Negative XP is the king of a small niche Music called Incelcore and personal I love it. Most of the group MSG he founded also fits into that. They most make punk/hard/werid Rock. Usually with a super sad vibe bout being a loser,Hateing ppl, and being lonely.
  8. [Deleted]

    What band / musician can you understand or relate

    I mean who do you find you can most listen to and understand the lyrics to regarding accuracy.
  9. SmashYourEnemys

    Anyone here got songs for incels?

    Whether it’s about being a virgin or not
  10. wristcutwarrior

    what bands/musicians do you listen to?

    I'm curious! I'd be interested to hear what genres and specific songs you like, too. lately I've been listening to a lot of múm, The Unicorns, and Neutral Milk Hotel. sorry in advance if I messed up this post somehow, I'm posting from my phone aha
  11. WoahUmok


    They are pretty much saying that unconventionally attractive boys are sexy.