1. UniCel

    Has anyone watched the movie: TFW NO GF

    What did you think? I have to say I found it was a bit disappointing, they didn't talk much about inceldom, just wojak, pepe, sarcasm etc. I wanted to hear more about what it's like never getting laid.
  2. Uncommon

    In the news: they want to eliminate the cartoon character pepe le pew

    The occidental society, that in these times sees EVERYTHING as "racists", or as "homophobic", or as "misoginy" or as "offensive", and that already wanted to eliminate characters like apu from the cartoon of the simpsons, now wants to eliminate the cartoon character pepe le pew. They cry as...
  3. Letmego

    I made a mistake and watched a movie with my sister and mother

    ...... It was a mistake, my mother wanted us to have fun and watch a movie together, they choose it...... It was Don Juan de Marco, the greatest lover staring Johnny Depp. I wanted to die, the movie wasn't bad and i like Johnny even tho he's a gigaChad. The problem is both of them were fawning...
  4. InTheDark

    What do you guys think about the new Joker Movie?

    Just been hearing a lot of talk out incels and the new joker movie. Wanted to hear what everyone thinks about it.