1. T

    If you kill a murderer, rаpist, child mοlester you will be “no different than them” or “become like them”

    How does this shit even make sense? So you mean to tell me if I was to kill anyone of those types of people I would be a murderer or a child mοlester as well? I’m just as evil as they are? It pisses me off when self-righteous people say shit like this to make it seem as if they have morals.
  2. UnDinkstered

    Can you be morally neutral?

    I'm afraid you can not be neutral. I've asked myself that question and made an example and an analysis of it. No action is neutral, no inaction is neutral, all reach an outcome. Outcome by the definition can't be neutral, as by doing, or not doing, you de facto decide of an outcome, pull or not...
  3. UnDinkstered

    Abortion Topic

    So I've thought about making a list of arguments against abortion from myself, and pro for those, that I've heard from people, and decided to also counterargue them, and then upload here to everyone to see and think about it. And also to make the topics a bit more diverse and thoughtful, and...