1. AccountError

    life isn't just a case of people hating ugly men, it's a genuine belief that they deserve nothing

    hence when an ugly male approaches a woman, her response is always an attempt to shatter his confidence so he'll never try to approach again people are shocked and upset when an ugly male has confidence, it's reality shattering to them their world- view is that attractive people should be at...
  2. AccountError

    being ugly isn't about having a difficult dating life, it's the DIFFERENCE between being treated like a person or trash

    it is bluepilled to believe looks are only relevant in dating, severe and utter cope everything in life is decided by your looks and environment if you were decent looking, you'd be an extrovert and confident due to the positive feedback people will give you being ugly will make you...
  3. AccountError

    if your life has been shit, then it will always be shit

    from all my observations, men's lives NEVER improve, it is rather a path that they follow the only way a man can recover is some genetic miracle happening in puberty or literally winning the lottery, but both of these have such a small chance of happening that you might as well wish for flying...