1. Tupolev

    It was so over from the start.

    JFL @ thinking there's any chance at starting a life in this world. Just to be able to afford your own apartment and pay monthly bills, you'd have to work 2 jobs, and save every penny. And that's for an apartment and basic expenses. To afford your own house? Forget it, you'd literally have to...
  2. E

    Sponsoring girls

    I made this account just to ask if spending money on girls is considered as an incel thing? Like, i dont want anything from her, it just pains me when she can’t get the things she wants
  3. P

    Incel Interview Opportunity (Compensation may be available)

    This post is for anyone who self-identifies as an "incel" or any of its variations. We are Pulp, a soon-to-be launched documentary, news, and entertainment channel. We are doing one of our first projects on the online involuntarily celibate culture, and we are looking for individuals to answer a...
  4. W

    gold diggers... a review

    Unless you are new to planet earth, you will have realised that women in the millions are marrying/dating wealthy men for no reason other than their bank balance, or to quote bill burr, there is an epidemic of gold-digging wh*res. If it wasn’t for their bank balance, they wouldn’t even look at...
  5. I

    Only way to make slags want you

    All women care about is the size of your bank account. The only exception is, if you have loads of cash. That's the only way to climb the social hierarchy and get women to pay you any mind if you aren't a Chad Chaddington and most YouTube videos about getting rich are made by those Chads. This...