1. Uncommon

    Modern terms and their meanings

    Modern terms and their meanings: Feminism: a misandrist movement, who uses violence to spread their message and that claims to want "equality between women and men", but it actually only wants privileges for the femoids. Mangina: a "man" who hates himself and other men. He gives femoids...
  2. ortharzeal

    In defence of MGTOWceldom, partly against MSTOWcels themselves

    MSTOWcels have been continuously bashed both by us for being copers (which they are) and by cucks for refusing to betabux ancient fossils also known as post-wall roasties. No matter how you treat MSTOW, there are several thing about them and their communities that not only deserve attention...
  3. Slap

    MGTOW Men Are Incels In Denial

    I don't agree with most of MGTOW's philosophy anymore. I admit I was right leaning back in the day, but not anymore. 80% of redpillers are incels.
  4. S

    My secondary education and redpoll experience

    My experience withing the vicinity of secondary education was kinda dull, yet kinda eccentrically enlightening. In high school, I pretty much had a weird set of friends, from two dudes whom still knew how to play Yugi oh cards and magic cards, another friend who lives in a trailer home in the...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    Some soycuck making fun of men for going "MGTOW"

    I posted this on .fun a long time ago. Might aswell do it again, for others that haven´t seen it here. Well... what do you think about this fella ?
  6. D

    More Proof that Femcels are full of shit

    So in case you aren't aware there are a few femcel forums that i frequent on reddit, I usually lurk and read some of the stuff, a few of them are: r/trufemcels, r/theglowup, r/femaledatingstrategey, and r/pinkpillfeminism. Ignoring the hypocripsy of r/incel being taken down but apparently it's...