1. K

    What makes incels ( mentalcells )

    I think people who are incels , are very diffrent in the neurological level , well most of them not all . I think an incel is seeing the world diffrently than other humans see it , i think it has to do with the head , IQwise those people are overanalizing everything they see ...they...
  2. F

    Hope for Mentalcels

    Just went raw on a fraternity girl. 3 weeks prior I was comparing my bone structure to that of a chad. Something I realized is I am a chad, it’s just this culture of bullshit feminism taught me to be a pussy and not just go down on a girl when you know she wants it. If your mentalcel I would...
  3. reg509

    My dissociative disorder is going to kill me

    I've don't talk much about it on here but as you could probably expect, I've had severe mental issues since I was born, this post is about the worst of them all. It started sometime in late 2016 when I began forgetting words, nothing to get too worried about. Then I started forgetting simple...