mental illness

  1. Hidden

    [Serious] Is IT (r/IncelTear) a nazі sub?

    I've noticed that all of the posters on IT are straight white males (even the "as a female" posters on there coincidentally happen to have penises) who spend their time hating marginalized & troubled men who are usually ethnic (non-white) and have disabilities (such as autism, being born very...
  2. Adam Manuel

    Why everyone hates me?

    I don't really care about this, but, everyone hates me, my "friends", everyone who met me in real life basically rejects me so fucking bad with no reason, i'm not a bad person, i never had a girlfriend and when i try to talk with a girl, they reject me!, also, i was that weird kid at school that...
  3. Spice

    Women scare me and how i view them as cockroaches.

    Simply to put it this way they do more than harm, they manipulatve, they lie, they backstab, they cheat, they carry nasty degenerate shit in their minds, they are dirty sluts, so tell me boyos is there much of a difference? well the only difference is that cockroaches are smart creatures but...