mental health

  1. No dick nick

    Gone but not forgotten

    I've been noticing a few different accounts who suddenly stopped being active after a goodbye message or so, I do hope they are alright and have just stopped communicating with the site. Do you have accounts who you were following that suddenly went quiet and you suspect they died? Or any public...
  2. K

    Mental energy

    Sometimes I hear of people saying that they are not only unattractive, but so unattractive that the opposite sex will go out of their way to hate them. I think this mindset is a huge grab for attention, and I’ll explain why. Willpower has been shown in science to be a limited resource. Why is...
  3. EdgarTheDog64


    This is Terry Davis, a man in his late forties. He created his own operating system which has had multiple iterations and made his variation of C, "HolyC". He suffers from bipolar and schizophrenia later on in his life. Because of it, he was unemployed for the rest of his adult life and lived...
  4. Lunaticel

    I wish only answers from other mentalcels, any expectation about your life?

    I'm not kidding or anything tbfh, but I find me on a dead end hole. A little summary: >NEET. >Emotionally unstable and severe social anxiety. >Bipolar or BPD tendencies, even without diagnosis. >Terrible to talk with any female, "ghosting" in any pseudo-dating from online communities. >Weird...
  5. Jakecell

    How has your mental health faired since joining this site.

    I have myself suffered from a pretty fucking crippling depression my entire life and although I think it would be solved if the foids stopped being such whores and give me a chance I know that will never happen. From that one time I went to a theraphist he warned me against hanging out with...
  6. toxicpresident

    cancerous lgbt community

    lgbt is fucking cancer to society . they are mentally challenged and pedophiles . bunch of freaks dancing naked in street . what are your opinions on them ? if you had power to kill them all would you ? for me yes
  7. Tupolev

    A quick explanation of O.C.D for those who have it.

    Obsessive = These are the "WHAT IF's" that go through our minds, and they're based on fear. One example would be "WHAT IF i didn't shut the sink off all the way after i washed my hands?"...Another example would be "WHAT IF i didn't get the door closed all the way the first time?" Compulsive =...
  8. Tupolev

    Dereliction of men, and Kobe Bryant's passing.

    I woke up this morning to the horrific news that a helicopter had crashed in southern California, and that among the deceased, was a sports superstar...Kobe Bryant. My first reaction was probably the same reaction that many people had. I thought it was tragic, and even though i'm not a fan of...
  9. Tupolev

    The biggest news story over the next 10 years?

    Here's the crazy thing, it won't be in the news. Only the aftermath of it will be, but not the cause. What am i talking about? I'm talking about the mental health of men, particularly in the U.S, but abroad as well. Around 70-75% of fatal overdoses in the U.S, are by men. Can anyone guess why...