1. ChadAlwaysWins

    If you look at life through a purely logical and objective lens, there really is no point to living if you're aesthetically undesirable.

    Pop-culture and marketing executives have convinced the modern human that "looks don't matter" and "there's more to life than romance", ironically during a period of time where we judge people based off looks alone more than ever before, but I guess you need an IQ above 100 to spot the absurd...
  2. ChadAlwaysWins

    Am I crazy for thinking the long-term endgame of modern feminism is the eradication of undesirable men?

    Do you think modern feminism is going to stop? Because it's not. It's going to keep progressing. Imagine women, especially young women, in 25 years. They already see average men as evil and hardly even as human beings, the thought of 25 years from now is nightmare fuel. It seems like society is...
  3. T

    Can you believe this bullshit article?

    Just another article to bash and chastise men. This was written by a simp as well. Look at the reason he came up with for men not wearing masks. It never occurred to him that men think for themselves and know this virus is a joke. The men are not afraid of death, we are at peace with it. A virus...
  4. Tupolev

    Dereliction of men, and Kobe Bryant's passing.

    I woke up this morning to the horrific news that a helicopter had crashed in southern California, and that among the deceased, was a sports superstar...Kobe Bryant. My first reaction was probably the same reaction that many people had. I thought it was tragic, and even though i'm not a fan of...
  5. Any1CanHaveLove

    What do incels actually think of “foids”?

    I guess I should disclaim that I’m not trying to start a fight or troll men. I genuinely am interested in hearing how you men view the people of the female sex. Again, I’m not trying to troll but it seems that incels misunderstand/hate women, and I just want to hear opinions.