1. Uncommon

    Incel movies vs feminazi movies

    When the movie joker came out, everyone(mostly the feminists, the social justice warriors and the lgbt) was talking shit about the movie. Yet the main character is like us: a man without luck, that nobody helps, nobody cares about him and the society keeps telling to him tells to him "you are a...
  2. Tupolev

    To Junkee media...

    I find it interesting that you showed screenshots of our forum in your latest hit piece on incels. Has it ever occured to you that we never met Ellіot Rodger, Alek Minassian...or any of these other suspects? We never met them and we had nothing to do with their actions. Also i would add that...
  3. Tupolev

    FAKE NEWS >> Yet another lie by the media; Hit piece on Russia.

    The U.S media FALSELY reported that Russian intelligence forces were offering money to the Taliban, and other Islamic forces, to kill American service members. The Pentagon says there's no proof of that. This is absolutely DISGUSTING. The way the media is allowed to print fake news every single...
  4. Tupolev

    The biggest news story over the next 10 years?

    Here's the crazy thing, it won't be in the news. Only the aftermath of it will be, but not the cause. What am i talking about? I'm talking about the mental health of men, particularly in the U.S, but abroad as well. Around 70-75% of fatal overdoses in the U.S, are by men. Can anyone guess why...
  5. Uncommon

    I have noticed that jews are, sort of, the same scum as the nazis

    The jews always claim to hate the nazis, and the jews, being the owners of the media, always portray the nazis as the worst scum in the world. But, how different are the jews form the nazis? looks like not much. 1. The nazis used to claim to be "the chosen race"(arian race), and the jews claim...
  6. Hidden

    Gunmen Kills Two People Outside a Synagogue, Throws a Grenade at Jewish Cemetery in Germany, Halle.
  7. SmashYourEnemys

    I noticed incels are extremely different from how the media describes it

    I never found any posts here condoning violence against women and chads. I never found any posts praising Ellіot Rodger. I never see any racism here and incels are racially diverse. Where do people get this idea that this website is about killing women or being racist?
  8. WoahUmok


    They are pretty much saying that unconventionally attractive boys are sexy.